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Our Lawyers are highly experienced and ready to represent you in any inheritance matter. We specialise in Dispute Resolution, Mediations, Family Provision Claims, Defense of an Estate from any unwarranted claim and all other Estates Dispute issues  with a focus on fast, positive outcomes for all parties.

Inheritance Disputes & Family Provision Claims

There are many reasons why a person may want to dispute an inheritance matter. You may believe that the Will was written unfairly, or your loved one was influenced into making gifts they didn’t want to make.

A person might not have had the capacity to write their Will, there may be suspicious circumstances surrounding that Will, or you just think you’ve been left out unfairly in an inheritance matter.

In the case of Ioppolo and Hesford v Conti [2013], the mother stated, in her will, that her super entitlements should go to her children. She specifically stated that she didn’t want them to go to her ex-husband. However, she hadn’t received proper legal advice for her estate and SMSF and didn’t have a BDBN (Binding Death Benefit Nomination).

As a result, her ex-husband was able to pay her SMSF to himself. Her children lost out on a large part of their mother’s intended estate.

Regardless of your situation, specialist wills & inheritance advice is essential.

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