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Our Lawyers are highly experienced and ready to represent you in any inheritance matter. We specialise in Dispute Resolution, Mediations, Family Provision Claims, Defense of an Estate from any unwarranted claim and all other Estates Dispute issues  with a focus on fast, positive outcomes for all parties.

Challenge or Defend a Will

Under the current laws in New South Wales, you have the right to challenge a Will even if you were not included in that Will. We call this a Family Provision Claim.

The reason this type of claim exists is to take a look at the circumstances around the creation of the deceased estate’s planning and see whether you were left out because of any unfair or suspicious reasons or circumstances.

At SR Wills and Estates Law, we understand the complexities surrounding wills and inheritance matters. Whether you need to challenge or defend a will, our experienced Estates team is here to provide you with the expert guidance and support you deserve.

Our dedication to understanding the unique circumstances of each case allows us to navigate the intricacies of the deceased estate’s planning, ensuring that your rights are protected. With a commitment to honesty, respect, and integrity, we are your trusted Wills, Estates, and Inheritance Specialists.

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challenging a will

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