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Connie filled out a do-it-yourself Will online so she could save a few dollars,

When she passed her kids got a lawyer to finalise her Estate and they were hit with a huge tax bill that almost wiped out their share of the Estate. What Connie needed to do was to get a lawyer to write a proper Estate Plan to suit her individual needs. Had Connie taken advantage of proper estate planning, her kids would have paid hardly any tax at all.


Bill was mowing the lawn and he fell down and died suddenly of a heart attack,

Soon after his wife Maria passed away as well. They only had one child and he was a drug addict. Due to their lack of Planning their son received the whole of his parents Estate, spent it on drugs and sadly died of an overdose soon after. A proper Estate Plan could have protected their son and the estate by only allowing their son to take a small amount of money at a time until his life was more stable.


Georgia and Sally wanted to have a child so

They got there best friend Sean to donate what he needed to so that they could have a child, it all went well and the girls had a beautiful little girl, but the three of them wanted to know that little Sofie was well looked after in case anything happened to them, so the three of them wrote special Wills that protected little Fia encase anything ever happened to any of her parents.

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